Chicago, IL

Tania & Sean

Where to begin?? I found Daniela on an extensive search. I must have gone through hundreds of portfolios of photographers to see who I thought had the talent I was looking for. So many times, I’ve seen people hire photographers for such special events that just didn’t nail the photos, and in my opinion, that’s gotta hurt! It’s who you trust to capture the moments in time you can’t get back, so I definitely did my homework. Daniela was not someone that was easy to find–she doesn’t advertise a ton. I came across her work by chance. When I saw her portfolio, just by the way she works with the lighting in her photos, what she chooses to blur and bring to the forefront of the picture and what she highlights–boom! I knew this girl has the eye! She knows how to capture the beauty and have it shine in the photos she takes. I contacted Daniela, and I was just so touched by how sweet and easy to work with she is. She has the heart of gold! She is someone who does this as her passion, she just really enjoys it, and created her company for it. Not the other way around! This woman is just pure talent. She nailed our engagement photos, and we just got our wedding photos, and just WOW. She has got our whole family’s vote for #1 photographer in the Chicagoland area, and she now will have generations of our family who will utilize her company for any important event. If you want someone who has the pure talent to capture the moments you can’t get back for your wedding or special event, make it count by selecting a talented photographer. Daniela is the way to go. We wish her all the success in the world!!


Dana & Mike

Let me start by saying I am the first to admit that I am a very particular (i.e. critical) person. Photography for our wedding was one of my top priorities. I don’t have the best memory, and I wanted someone who would not just capture photos, but the moments on our special day so we could relive them for years to come. Daniela was referred to me by another photographer who was unavailable on our wedding date. I looked at Daniela’s website, and I knew right away that I must have her as our photographer. Her work was absolutely stunning and dramatic. Besides having beautiful work, I knew it was also important that our personalities mixed because you’re spending your whole wedding day with the photographer. Daniela and I met up at a pie place, and I immediately felt like I was catching up with a good friend. She has a calming and friendly personality, but you also get the sense that she will just take care of everything. I was sold! On our wedding day, Daniela was prompt, poised, and professional; she immediately set to work using her artistic eye. It was also an exceptionally hot day, so she was very good about working smart and trying to keep folks in the shade who were not in pictures at the time. Much appreciated! Last night, we just got our photos. I cried. Daniela captured exactly what I hoped for and more. These are photos I will be proud to share with our family and someday children. Daniela’s art (because that is absolutely what it is), is so incredibly beautiful. I totally went outside of my budget for her, and I am so thankful I did. She is worth every single penny. Don’t walk to Daniela, run to her for your photography!


Patrick & Kelly

Daniela is a true artist and an expert in her field. My husband and I are beyond grateful she was our wedding photographer and absolutely love our photos. We are still amazed at the quality and quantity of photos she took. Not only did Daniela make us feel and look our best, but she also captured our loved ones at their best. Her photos are timeless and you’ll notice that all of her brides look so happy in their photos, which is a true testament to Daniela’s wonderful personality. Her calm demeanor puts you at ease and allows you to truly enjoy such an important day. At the same time she is extremely detail oriented and knows exactly which angle and what lighting is most flattering on her clients. Beyond her artistic eye, she is also very organized. She made the family portraits session run seamlessly, and even reminded me of certain photos I wanted that I would have otherwise forgotten to take. At your wedding you cannot possible take every moment in, which is why hiring your photographer is such an important decision to make. Daniela captured so many memories I would have otherwise missed, and as the day went by so quickly her photos helped me relive some of my favorite moments. I would recommend Daniela to anyone looking for a photographer. It will be the best decision you make.

 Emily & Nadav

Daniela is such an extraordinary talent! She shot both our engagement and wedding photos, we couldn’t be happier with the results. I was so impressed with her attention to subtlety and detail, her professionalism, as well as her ability to capture a moment with such skill and ease. Her photos can almost speak – they are such a genuine reflection of personality, emotion, and events. Not only do I love all of the posed photos of our wedding and our guests, but I equally treasure the candid photos she took — some of them are very touching and moving while others are hilarious and fun. I can’t say enough about Daniela and her exceptional photography, my husband and I are so grateful to her for capturing our wedding day and making it truly special!


Nicole & Mike

I would absolutely recommend Daniela to anyone looking for a wedding photographer. I took a look at her portfolio online and was very impressed. I reached out to her to setup an initial meeting and she was very responsive and flexible with her schedule. We had an initial meeting over coffee where she was prompt, professional and friendly and our personalities instantly meshed. I got married at an old mansion turned museum where the ceremony and most of the reception was outside. Daniela met me a 2nd time prior to my wedding day to tour the venue to get some ideas of the best spots to take photos. She also wanted to see how the sun would hit the space that time of day in order to optimize the lighting. On the day of the wedding Daniela showed up early and got to work right away. She has a strong yet calming presence which was critical for herding my ADHD infused wedding party. We got our pictures back about 4 weeks after our wedding and they were absolutely stunning! She captured our day perfectly. Her passion definitely shows through her work and she has an incredible eye for detail. I would hire her over and over again 🙂


Janie & Steve

We absolutely loved working with Daniela. Both my husband and I were nervous about getting in front of the camera, but after the engagement session I knew we were in great hands. She was so helpful with working out the timeline of the wedding day and had great ideas for where to take our bridal party pictures. The day of the wedding she and her assistant did such a good job of capturing not only the portraits, but the candid moments. She created a slideshow of her favorite photos from the wedding, and my husband and I both couldn’t control our tears- the photos were so beautiful! They more than exceeded our expectations. Picking 50 for the photo album was so hard because there were so many amazing photos!



Vanessa & Alex

My overall experience with Daniela, starting with the first email, has been nothing but outstanding. I only had to meet her and knew she was the photographer for us. The photos in her portfolio are exceptionally beautiful and artistic and I knew that she would do a good job for us. Not only did she manage to capture the most important moments at our wedding, but she did an amazing job making sure to get photos of all of our guests at the reception. All of my guests kept on complimenting her throughout the night. When I looked through the photos she took of my wedding day, there was so much detail that I felt like I was reliving all the special moments. And finally, not only did Daniela communicate with me from the day we first met until the day of our wedding, but she followed up with results within 3 weeks of our event. My husband and I have really high expectations, but Daniela exceeded them and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for exceptional journalistic wedding photos. Working with her will make you feel like you’re working with an old friend.